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Breastfeeding Advice

Breastfeeding is a natural but learned method to deliver the healthiest form of nutrition during your child's first year of life. Our office supports breastfeeding as the optimal form of nutrition during your child's first year of life. Breastfeeding offers many advantages for both a baby and her/his mother. If you have not previously considered breastfeeding your baby, your awareness of these advantages may assist you with your decision.

The American Academy of Pediatrics in their policy statement on breastfeeding states: "Although economic, cultural, and political pressures often confound the decisions about infant feeding, the AAP firmly adheres to the position that breastfeeding insures the best possible health as well as the best developmental and psychosocial outcomes for the infant."

Breastfeeding is a simple principal of positive feedback. When the baby suckles at the mother's breast, a message is sent to the mother's brain to produce a chemical to simulate the production of milk. Any interruption of this feedback cycle (such as the baby sleeping longer than 4 hours, bottle feeding, poor suckling) will interfere with the mother's milk production.
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